Emergencies, Disasters and Breastfeeding

Listen to the full podcast: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/106368/breastfeeding-in-emergencies-a-matter-of-survival

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Around the globe, families can find themselves facing any number of catastrophes. Aid workers and local shelters are often ill-equipped to provide optimal support for infants and mothers whether they are breastfeeding or formula-feeding. Nursing mothers often find themselves trying to solve breastfeeding problems they’ve never encountered before, and being undermined by bad advice during disasters.
Marie and guest, Dr. Karleen Gribble, discuss the impact of a disaster on breastfeeding or formula-feeding before, during and after it occurs. Find out how you can help others in your community—professionals, neighbors, and aid workers—to prioritize care for mothers and young infants. And, get practical tips to achieve the best care for mother and baby.

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